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Water & Wastewater Management

Water and Sewer Billing

Village Water and Sewer is billed semi annually:

  • Jan - June billed $460.00 in Jan
  • July - Dec billed $460.00 in July

The Residential rate is $230.00 water/ $230.00 sewer semi-annual per home.

 Payment methods accepted:

  • Cash, credit card and debit paid at Reception  in the Village Municipal Office
  • Cheque payable to Village of Doaktown can be delivered in person to Reception, or via mail to:

                  Village of Doaktown
                  8 Miramichi Street, Doaktown NB E9C 1C8

  • SNB online
  • Set up as a bill payment with some financial institution

The Village Municipal Office accepts payment by Visa, MasterCard, and debit cards.

Water and Sewer Billing inquiries can be addressed to:

Karen Petitpas


      (506) 365-7970 ext: 102


About Doaktown

The village of Doaktown is located in the heart of the Miramichi, along the Miramichi River. The famous Miramichi River is one of the most productive salmon rivers in the world, in both past and present day. Not only is the Southwest Miramichi River among the top 10 cleanest rivers in the world, it is home to the elusive Atlantic salmon that has tempted the skill of men for centuries. Doaktown's history is both colourful and diverse, changing with time and industry. Home to the Atlantic Salmon Museum, the Doak Historic Site, the Old Mill Pond Golf Club, and numerous fishing and outdoor adventure experiences.

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Village of Doaktown

Address: 8 Miramichi Street, Doaktown, NB, Canada, E9C 1C8

Phone: 506-365-7970

Fax: 506-365-7111

Email: info@doaktown.ca