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Municipal By-Laws

Video Surveillance Policy #2024-03

By Law 2023-02 By Law of the Municipality of Doaktown Respecting the Fire Department

By-Law No. 2023-07 Respecting Water and Sewerage and the Collection of User Charges for the Water and Sanitary Sewerage System in the Village of Doaktown

By-Law No. 2023-01 Procedural By-Law for the Council

By-Law No. 2023-02 Code of Conduct By-Law for the Council

By-Law No. 2023-03 Respecting the Remuneration of Council

By-Law No. 2023-04 Respecting the Corporate Seal

By-Law No. 2023-10 Respecting the Implementation of Existing By-Laws for the Communities Forming Village of Doaktown

By-Law No. 91-1 Civic Addressing

By-Law No. 94 W-1 Water By-law REPEALED

By-Law No. 95-1 Water & Sewerage Services Reserve Fund

By-Law No. 95-2 Water System REPEALED

By-Law No. 95-3 Sanitary Sewer System REPEALED

By-Law No. 98-1 Water System Amendment REPEALED

By-Law No. 98-2 Zoning By-Law Amendment

By-Law No. 99-1 Prevention of Excessive Noise

By-Law No. 99-2 Dog Control

By-Law No. 2001-01 Water System Amendment REPEALED

By-Law No. 2003-01 Community Emergency Planning

By-Law No. 2005-01 Cross Connections for Municipal Water System REPEALED

By-Law No. 2005-03 Subdivision By-law

By-Law No. 2005-04 Building By-law

By-Law No. 2007-02 Respecting the Fire Department  REPEALED

By-Law No. 2013-02 Stop Up and Close Portion of Miramichi Street

By-Law No. 2013-04 Respecting the Fire Department  REPEALED

By-Law No. 2014-01 Respecting Dangerous and/or Unsightly Premises

By-Law No. 2016-01 Rural Plan Amendment

 By-Law No. 2017-01 Rural Plan – Village+of+Doaktown+(BL+2017-1) – Adopted in 2017 

By-Law No. 2017-03 Portions of Road Accessible to Off-Road Vehicles

 Zoning Map 2017

By-Law No. 2018-1 By-Law to Amend By-Law 2017-1

By-Law No. 2019-01 Accessible to Off Road Vehicles

By-Law No. 2020-01 Flag Policy

PROPOSED By-Law #2021-01 Building By-Law

By-Law No. 21-07 By-Law Respecting Peddlers

Village of Doaktown Building By-law - By-Law No. 2022-01

For further information or assistance, please contact Village Acting Clerk Karen Petitpas at karen.petitpas@doaktown.ca or by calling 506-365-7970.

About Doaktown

The village of Doaktown is located in the heart of the Miramichi, along the Miramichi River. The famous Miramichi River is one of the most productive salmon rivers in the world, in both past and present day. Not only is the Southwest Miramichi River among the top 10 cleanest rivers in the world, it is home to the elusive Atlantic salmon that has tempted the skill of men for centuries. Doaktown's history is both colourful and diverse, changing with time and industry. Home to the Atlantic Salmon Museum, the Doak Historic Site, the Old Mill Pond Golf Club, and numerous fishing and outdoor adventure experiences.

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Village of Doaktown

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